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About us

We love to solve the hardest problems, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions dealing with technology, marketing, legal and finance matters.
We embrace each project with full commitment, and we treat them as our very own.

What we do

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We can only succeed in our mission if blockchain value is spread and agreed upon. We want to be a part of this. We will keep on learning and share what we learn with you

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Advisory and Audit

Take advantage of a first-class advisory service and our worldwide network of investors. Our services include strategic advisory, support for legal and financial compliance, targeted marketing, as well as software code audit

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Blockchain Development

Our engineers provide customized full-stack and blockchain solutions tailored to your needs. Our aim is to empower successful businesses in this new technological era

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ICO Launch

We assist you in shaping every aspect of your ICO: from whitepaper redaction, to technical development and go-live support


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I've run the numbers.. we'll be profitable, I promise!

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Software Engineer

I'm a robot. You won't stop me with a CAPTCHA

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Programming is an art

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Business Development

Go lean or go home

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Software Engineer

If you gaze for long into code, code gazes also into you

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UX / UI Designer

If you have to explain it, it is not that good

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Ideas are cheap, execution is everything